Hyland House & Manna Press In-print Titles

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Self-sufficiency and Urban Farming

Backyard Self-sufficiency 2nd Edn
Backyard Self-sufficiency 2nd EdnJackie French
Bee Book
Bee BookAnn Cliff
Community Gardens
Community GardensPenny Woodward & Pam Vardy
Drying Food
Drying FoodRicky Gribling
Edible Water Gardens
Edible Water GardensNick Romanowski
Grow Your Own Herbal Remedies
Grow Your Own Herbal RemediesPenny Woodward
Home Dairy
Home DairyAnn Cliff
Jackie French's Chook Book 2nd Edn
Jackie French's Chook Book 2nd EdnJackie French
Keeping Your Own Free Range Pigs
Keeping Your Own Free Range PigsJen Owens
Natural Tucker Bread Book
Natural Tucker Bread BookJohn Downes
Preserving Meat
Preserving MeatAnn Cliff
Smoking Food
Smoking FoodRicky Gribling
Weed Forager's Handbook
Weed Forager's HandbookAdam Grubb & Annie Rowland
WindfallsSue Ruchel

Growing Food

All About Apples
All About ApplesAllen Gilbert
Asian Herbs & Vegetables
Asian Herbs & VegetablesPenny Woodward
Berry Bounty
Berry BountyAllen Gilbert
CitrusAllen Gilbert
GarlicPenny Woodward
Herbs for Australian Gardens 3rd Edn
Herbs for Australian Gardens 3rd EdnPenny Woodward
Just Nuts
Just NutsAllen Gilbert
The Pumpkin Book
The Pumpkin BookJackie French
Tomatoes for Everyone
Tomatoes for EveryoneAllen Gilbert

Topical Gardening Advice

Climbers & Creepers
Climbers & CreepersAllen Gilbert
Earthworms in Australia
Earthworms in AustraliaDavid Murphy
EspalierAllen Gilbert
Fragrant Roses
Fragrant RosesSusan Irvine
Garden Talk
Garden TalkColin Campbell
Garden of a Thousand Roses 3rd Edn
Garden of a Thousand Roses 3rd EdnSusan Irvine
Grafting & Budding for Aust. Gardeners
Grafting & Budding for Aust. GardenersAllen Gilbert
Hillside of Roses 3rd Edn
Hillside of Roses 3rd EdnSusan Irvine
Hydroponics for Everyone 4th Edn
Hydroponics for Everyone 4th EdnDr Struan Sutherland
Jackie French's Guide Companion Planting
Jackie French's Guide Companion PlantingJackie French
Natural Control of Garden Pest
Natural Control of Garden PestJackie French
New Plants from Old 2nd Edn
New Plants from Old 2nd EdnJackie French
Organic Control of Common Weeds
Organic Control of Common WeedsJackie French
Pest-repellent Plants 2nd Edn
Pest-repellent Plants 2nd EdnPenny Woodward
Soil Food
Soil FoodJackie French

Australian Flora and Fauna

Australian Grasses
Australian GrassesNick Romanowski
Birds in your Garden
Birds in your GardenEllen McCulloch
Bush Seasons
Bush SeasonsJoan Semmens
Flora of Melbourne 4th Edn
Flora of Melbourne 4th EdnMarilyn Bull
Gwen Elliot's Australian Garden
Gwen Elliot's Australian GardenGwen Elliot
Take Care!
Take Care!Dr Struan Sutherland